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Upcoming events

    • Thursday, June 18, 2020
    • 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM (CDT)
    • Online Event

    Creating Visibility and Connectivity For Your Workforce

    Today’s new normal requires organizations to pivot their approach to managing their workforces quickly. This change has added new pressures for organizations, leaders and employees, while prompting a number of questions. For organizations, how do they gain visibility into what is happening while keeping their workforce connected? With so many teams suddenly working remotely and faced with even more uncertainty, where do leaders begin?

    Having helped a diverse range of leading organizations achieve their engagement and performance objectives, discover the research-based recommendations and proven actions for driving results. Specifically, this webinar will cover:

    • How organizations should be thinking about modern team work
    • The single most important action for moving the needle on engagement
    • What a tool can look like to support your leaders while reporting critical information to the business
    Speaker Biography:

      Ally Cole

    As Vice President of Talent Activation, Ally collaborates with talent leaders in mid-market organizations to unleash the power of their people.  She delights in sharing the most innovative, evidence-based talent strategies available and helping organizations to scale the practices of the world's best leaders.   Ally is passionate about bettering the world of work by fostering opportunities for inter-organization collaboration, and bringing out the best in every individual, team and organization she encounters.

    Ally's interest in talent optimization & leadership development began as a small business owner.  Prompted by experience to obtain further education and dig deeper into what truly makes a great leader, she earned a Master’s in Organizational Leadership with Gonzaga University.  Her passion and profession converged as she followed her vocation into the HCM & leadership development consulting space, where she now helps individuals, teams, and mid-market organizations flourish, one organization, speaking engagement, or coaching conversation at a time.

    Ally lives in the Seattle area with her husband, Matt, and their children, Stella (8) & Mason (5).

      Daniel Price

    As a District Manager for ADP Major Account Services, Dan collaborates with leaders in mid-market organizations to lessen risk and advance profit opportunities through their people. He especially enjoys working with organizations experiencing rapid growth, mergers and acquisitions, downsizing, or outsourcing for the first time to drive digital transformation with their HR and business strategy.

    Dan lives in the Milwaukee area with his partner, Megan, and their 50 houseplants.

    Certification for this session is pending.


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